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5931 Ravenswood Road
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Serving South Florida

5931 Ravenswood Road
Dania Beach, Florida 33312

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When you purchase a Murphy bed from us
On installation day you don’t need to fumble through boxes and read extensive pages of instructions. Or have 8-10 boxes shipped to your curbside awaiting you to bring them in and figure out the mess. Leave the installation process to us the professionals and avoid getting yourself into dangerous situations that can lead to someone getting hurt by a wrongfully installed mechanism. Nothing worse than purchasing a product that comes with possible missing screws, parts, broken pieces or terrible instructions. What do you do then? if you purchased it somewhere off on the internet from another state. Turn around time for those events take months and that’s if you’re lucky that when you call the place you bought it from isn’t a automated machine handling your call.

What you get from us
When you purchase our Murphy bed is a Quality Product and Service attached with it. We are a Family Owned & Operated Business. To us you’re not just another sale but you become part of our family as well. We come to your house and install your murphy bed on the wall you choose even if its one of those Custom made units that need tailoring wall to wall. Have peace of mind knowing that at the end of the day your room/space is going to look wonderful. And best of all you didn’t have to lift a finger. We manufacture our murphy beds here on site. We have state of the art CNC Router machinery to handle the actual cutting and prepping. Also our installers have many years of experience and knowledge of the product. We take care of our customers promptly.

With rooms getting smaller and smaller, a Murphy bed is an ideal way add functionality to your space.

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