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Murphy Bed Sales & Service
Serving South Florida

5931 Ravenswood Road
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Before Purchasing

Before Purchasing A Murphy Bed – ‘Things To Consider’
Before Purchasing A Murphy Bed You should first measure the room “wall space” where you want us to install the Murphy Bed. Whether it’s a bed by it’self with cabinets, a library system or  a whole Home office corner group.

  • Measure from wall to wall clear of any obstructions in the way.
  • Also make sure that there is plenty of room for the “Height” cabinets to enter the room through your halls, like  “drop ceilings”.
  • If there is a drop ceiling… let us know in advance to accommodate for that drop in height.
  • Visit Our Showroom, let us know what you have in mind or what size bed you’d like and with your wall measurements we can tailor a Murphy bed to fit your exact needs.

We Also do “In-home Estimates” which we’re able to give you a rendering of the room with what your Murphy bed would look like in it before you even purchase. Schedule An In-Home Estimate Today!

With rooms getting smaller and smaller, a Murphy bed is an ideal way add functionality to your space.

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