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What Is A Murphy Bed?

Murphy Bed Sales & Service

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A Murphy Bed Is... A Sleep Space Saving  Solution

For many years Murphy Beds have been ideal for any spare bed room/s in your home or office. Although a Murphy bed has many styles and options its basically the same idea, a bed that hides into a cabinet. Below are examples of a murphy bed.

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Contemporary Murphy Bed

All Cabinets Are Customizable to fit your space

murphy bed contemporary open

These Beds let you keep your Space

Why give up your home gym or office? Install a murphy bed and now your guests have somewhere to sleep plus you get to keep your stuff.

Contemporary Home Office Murphy Bed

contemporary murphy bed home office

Did you Know?

Whenever you build vertically you’re actually adding space to your room

Home Office Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed Over Sofa

2 Twin Size Murphy Beds With center cabinet

twin size murphy bed

Library Murphy Bed

Wood Murphy Bed

With rooms getting smaller and smaller, a Murphy bed is an ideal way add functionality to your space.

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